Bring the Snow
Written by: Sam Palladio
Release date: November 29, 2018


• Get the fire started, yeah, it’s Christmas
Save a little mistletoe for me
Breakin’ up the holly
All your friends are callin’
The lights already wrapped around the Christmas tree
I swear I hear a reindeer on the rooftop
No one in the neighbourhood could sleep
All the anticipation, the cinnamon we’re shakin’
Only present I’ve been waitin’ for is you and me
Baby, bring the snow, we’ve got nowhere to go
Just you and me at home, underneath the mistletoe
Fire’s burnin’ gold, I’ve got you here to hold
Such a happy sound, singin’ Silent Night
Baby, bring the snow
Bring the snow
Ring another bell and make a joyful noise
I can’t get that smile off my face
Everything looks evergreen
Celebration happenin’
I smell gingerbread that I can almost taste
Baby, bring the snow,…