Netflix has sent out a few new stills which feature Sam as Edward from The Princess Switch: Switched Again.

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Sam talks with US Magazine about his new film The Princess Switch: Switched Again.

A different type of holiday romance. The Princess Switch: Switched Again not only introduces a third character, Fiona, played by Vanessa Hudgens, but also does something else a bit different for holiday films: shows a bit of real life.

The last time fans saw Prince Edward (Sam Palladio) and Stacy De Novo (Hudgens), they married in a royal wedding and lived happily ever after. Although the sequel is filled with holiday happiness, it also goes the more realistic route, the Nashville alum, 33, explains during this week’s “Watch With Us” podcast.

“There are smiles and some Christmas cheer and making everything happy after but at the same time, the story moving forward is that relationships aren’t always easy — that even if you’re a prince and a princess, there are pressures and the spotlight and there’s relationship struggles,” he told Us. “Edward’s feeling a little bit on the outside this time. Stacy’s sort of been thrown into this crazy whirlwind.”

Palladio noted that Margaret (also Hudgens) and Kevin (Nick Sagar) are also dealing with “a little uncertainty” in their relationship.

“I kind of appreciate that, in terms of the writing, that we’re not just straight into babies,” he said. “You see a bit more vulnerability and a human side there [from Edward]. He’s your prince charming, but he’s also awkward and a bit weird! He doesn’t quite get it sometimes. So, I get to play into that a little bit. He loves Stacy deeply and he wants to be the best husband he can be.”

The singer — who recorded an original song for the movie — admitted that sometimes things get confusing when filming with Hudgens, 31, since she portrays not two but three characters in the second movie.

“It was tricky. Props to Vanessa! Having to learn three lead characters is pretty crazy, and I’m sure her head was spinning some days,” he told Us, noting that some days filmed for 15 hours. “Also trying to make them different and three differing accents — this one has this inflection and this one does this. Props to her, but it was it was a lot of fun. It was sometimes confusing! We’d be like, ‘Who am I talking to?’ And of course, we were doing green screen stuff as well and split screens and, oh, you’re looking at, like, a tennis ball on the end of a piece of metal. It was like, ’OK, this tennis ball is Fiona? This stunt double here, that’s Margaret? Ok, got it.’ It was a lot of fun!”

As for a third movie, the conversations have already begun, but due to the current state of the world, things are on hold.

Although Palladio said it “would be fun” to have babies in the future story lines, he’s not sure that’s the angle they’re headed.

“I think these movies are about family, love and friendship, and I think a clear [next] step would be something like that,” the Humans alum shared. “I think there’s definitely elements of that that could be really fun, but having read some early drafts and things, there’s also some very unexpected twists and turns.”

The Princess Switch: Switched Again drops on Netflix Thursday, November 19.

The Princess Switch: Switched Again is available to watch now on Netflix. And Sam announced a few days ago that he provided a new song for the soundtrack. You can listen to it now!

The new poster for Sam’s film The Princess Switch: Switched Again has been released and can now be found in our gallery.

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It is finally here … only nine more days until the premiere of The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again!

Can Stacy and Margaret pull off ANOTHER switch so Margaret can spend more time with Kevin, just ahead of her of coronation? Or will a new lookalike, party girl Fiona, foil their holiday plans?

Mark your calendar for November 19th! And guess what … there is going to be a third film!

In any other year, news that Vanessa Hudgens will potentially play four lookalike characters in the same Netflix Christmas movie would stun me. But amid 2020, a third movie in the identity-swapping Princess Switch franchise just makes sense. Netflix announced the release date for The Princess Switch: Switched Again, a sequel to the 2018 original film, on Wednesday. The streaming service also confirmed the movies will follow in A Christmas Prince’s footsteps to become a trilogy.

The sequel will drop on Thursday, November 19, one of several holiday films coming from Netflix this year. Hudgens will reprise her dual roles of lookalikes Duchess Margaret Delacourt and baker Stacy DeNovo and add the character of Margaret’s party girl cousin Fiona to her résumé. The movie’s plot is reminiscent of the first, which saw the identical Margaret and Stacy switch places and find love while living out each other’s daily routines. Netflix’s description of the sequel reads:

When Duchess Margaret unexpectedly inherits the throne to Montenaro and hits a rough patch with Kevin, it’s up to her double Stacy to save the day before a new lookalike, party girl Fiona, foils their plans.

Sam Palladio (Nashville) and Nick Sagar (Shadowhunters) are returning as the franchise’s love interests Edward and Kevin, respectively. This will be the third year in a row that Hudgens has headlined a Netflix holiday film, following 2018’s The Princess Switch and last year’s The Knight Before Christmas. Production on the untitled third Princess Switch movie will begin in Scotland later this year and air in 2021, per Entertainment Tonight.

For those keeping track at home (just me?), this news means Hudgens will have been in as many Princess Switch movies as High School Musical releases. A new era is upon us.


Netflix has released the first image featuring Sam as Princess Edward in the sequel to The Princess Switch. Who else is excited for this new film?!?!?

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Restorers take on antiques and sentimental pieces in a bid to make them look brand new again.

BBC’s The Repair Shop has proven popular as the show sees a team attempt to restore a multitude of important items and completely transform them. The repeated first episode of Series 6, shown last night, involved a Jamaican pump organ, an RAF bomber pilot’s hat, naval rigging tool kit, and a crib made from wood rescued from a church that was bombed during the First World War.

One appearance that caught the eyes of many viewers is Sam Palladio, who appeared on the show to collect his grandfather’s well-travelled cap. So who is Sam? Why do so many fans recognise him? Read on to find out!

Sam Palladio is a British actor from Cornwall who is best known for his role as Gunnar Scott in the ABC musical drama series Nashville. The 33-year-old also has also had roles on comedy series Episodes and science fiction series Humans.

The actor is also a singer songwriter and father to his dog River The Whippet. His pet also has its own Instagram account, you can follow him at @riverthewhippet – or to follow Sam himself, you can do so at @sampalladio.

Sam was Calvin in British drama film 7 Lives, Shecky in thriller film Runner, Runner and Roland in the musical film Strange Magic. He was also the lead singer in a band called Salt Water Thief – and more recently, he appeared on The Repair Shop on BBC One.

NADIYA BAKES: Where is the show filmed? BBC Two filming locations!
Sam on The Repair Shop
The actor appeared on The Repair Shop to collect his grandad’s restored RAF cap, who was a pilot who was one of the last to fly a Lancaster bomber during World War Two. He recently died, so wanted to pass on the hat to his eldest grandson Sam – who he had “great rapport” with.

Toni Hazel from Sussex brought her father Owen Scott’s hat to the team at The Repair Shop, and later brought along with her Sam to collect the hat. He tries on the restored cap at a slight angle – the same way his grandad wore the important uniform piece. Sam said:

“I’m feeling fantastic. It’s got him in it, hasn’t he? It’s got character.”

Viewers soon recognised Sam Palladio as part of the Nashville cast. One fan commented on Sam’s Instagram post about the show and said: “I only watched this yesterday and was so shocked to see you. My grandad was also in the RAF, seeing your mum and the story about your gran and grandad was so emotional and humbling.”

Another said: “Just watched this on BBC1 and was like, that’s Gunner from Nashville.”


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So excited to share that Sam has a new series in the works! He will star as Luke on ABC’s new series Rebel. Here is the press release from ABC.

ABC has ordered drama series “Rebel” straight to series to debut in 2021, it was announced today by Karey Burke, president, ABC Entertainment. The premiere episode is written by Krista Vernoff and directed by Tara Nicole Weyr. Inspired by the life of Erin Brockovich today, Annie “Rebel” Bello is a blue-collar legal advocate without a law degree. She’s a funny, messy, brilliant and fearless woman who cares desperately about the causes she fights for and the people she loves. When Rebel applies herself to a fight she believes in, she will win at almost any cost.

“Erin Brockovich has never stopped the extraordinary work she does fighting for her clients like they’re family, and Krista Vernoff’s take on her life today in ‘Rebel’ is undeniable,” said Karey Burke, president, ABC Entertainment. “Katey Sagal is a powerhouse as ‘Rebel’ and with Andy Garcia, John Corbett and the rest of the phenomenal cast, viewers are going to fall in love with these characters and the world Krista has created for them.”

“The work that Erin Brockovich does in this world is so powerful and so important that it almost defies description. Erin works tirelessly for social, legal and environmental justice despite the lack of a formal degree. She inspires everyone she meets to become their own heroes, and somehow, she also keeps us laughing. It has been a tremendous honor to get to know Erin and to create a show inspired by her,” said Vernoff. “I am thrilled to be working with a dream cast led by the extraordinary Katey Sagal with the incredible Tara Nicole Weyr directing. I could not be more excited about the series order for ‘Rebel,’ and I’m so grateful for the support of Dana Walden, Karey Burke, Craig Hunegs, Jonnie Davis and all my partners at Walt Disney Television and ABC.”

“‘Rebel’ is not just my story, it is all of our stories. There is a hero that exists in all of us, and I am so excited for Krista Vernoff and ABC to bring their visionary storytelling to this series,” said Erin Brockovich. “The name ‘Rebel’ oozes self-empowerment, courage and rising above, even in the worst of circumstances. I cannot think of anyone better to play this role than the indomitable Katey Sagal, who is such a force, as well as the rest of this extraordinary cast.”

The series stars Katey Sagal as Annie “Rebel” Bello, John Corbett as Grady Bello, James Lesure as Benji, Lex Scott Davis as Cassidy, Tamala Jones as Lona, Ariela Barer as Ziggie, Kevin Zegers as Nate, Sam Palladio as Luke and Andy Garcia as Cruz.

“Rebel” is executive produced by Krista Vernoff and Alexandre Schmitt of Trip the Light, Erin Brockovich, John Davis and John Fox of Davis Entertainment and Andrew Stearn. The series is produced by ABC Signature in association with Sony Pictures Television. ABC Signature is a part of Disney Television Studios, alongside 20th Television and Touchstone Television.

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Cassadee is doing press for her album Rise & Shine and did this interview with Entertainment Tonight and talked about whether or not friends and family have been pressuring her and Sam to get married.